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never2much info interviews Kasia!

Posted on: Veljaèa 03 2013 @ 03:25 pm
By: Matija


n2m: Hi, Kasia! It's been sometime now, but can you remind us about your visit to Zagreb? How did you enjoy your stay and your play?

Kasia: Hi,
Yes, it has been some time now…
I was very happy and excited to go and play in Zagreb as I have some friends there, so I was really looking forward to it.
I have visited Croatia before, but it was during the summer and the music and parties were on the beach…
I have to say this time it was cold and snowy, so very different than the times before but even so, I felt a lot of warmth from the Croatian people! I found people in Zagreb super friendly, open and very welcoming. I felt very well taken care of during the whole visit. It was very cool – lots of fun!
How did I like the party? I really enjoyed it! I like the Grey Room; Great place – raw, dark, very atmospheric and intimate. I had lots of fun playing there. The crowd was really in to the music and they seemed to enjoy my set a lot, which of course was super.

n2m: Can you tell us about your music history, coming in touch with electronic music, clubs and all of that...

Kasia: I was always interested in music. Since I can remember.
In my teenage years I was surrounded mainly by hip hop music. My discovery of techno and house music started in Poland in my early nineties when my friends introduced me to the underground club scene. That was when I experienced my first intimate, basement techno night; gatherings at club nights and having many crazy house parties.
I moved to London in 2001, and it didn’t take long for me to get into the London club scene.
I discovered underground techno parties in East London. Most of the time the parties were in crazy places like big warehouses, sometimes empty or abandon club spaces or in fields in the suburbs, or a big car park - anywhere you could possibly fit a massive sound system and a lot of people!
The info of the party would always be a secret until just few hours before it was going to start – that was a way of keeping the police away. Yeah, that was something very special …
So yeah, definitely those crazy parties and that whole period of time was a huge inspiration for me. A few years later I got my decks, mixer, pair of speakers and I started buying my first vinyl.
My first play out and warming up parties started in 2009, and that was in East London.


n2m: You are Polish living in London. We heard that Polish immigrants to UK are not well welcomed. Is that true? Did you have any problems when starting your life there?

Kasia: I have never really had situations where I would feel like a “stranger” in such a big city. I have been living in London for 13 years now and London always felt like home to me. This is without a doubt.
I have to say, there is so much going on here everyday. People from all around the world are living here, and I think this is very cool. It makes the city very interesting and unique in many ways. London is probably the most diverse city in Europe – and I think this is why it was so easy to adapt to London’s lifestyle. It was vey exiting for me to come here.

n2m: Where do you see your self as a DJ today? What clubs are you playing, and how often? Can you tell us what are the difference between London club scene and the rest of Europe?

Kasia: I think for me, as a dj it is important to represent my influences. Put them together and create the musical journeys. I am trying not to limit myself to one style or sound of music. I think in my sets I play different sounds and mostly music that sounds good to my ear and interest me.

I don’t have any regular nights or residency in a club. I play mostly at underground parties. I play sometimes in London – the most recent party was Select Elect. I get to play in Hamburg from time to time – which in my opinion has its very own house scene. Hamburg really has a very special place in my heart! Places like Golden Pudel, Baalsaal, Wagenbau, Universum – are all really great fun! Also Berlin - I was really thrilled to play at KaterHolzig and Club der Visionaere. I have also played few times in Croatia at The White Canvas parties in Hvar and Zagreb, also in Amsterdam and recently I played in Portugal.

You are asking me about London club scene.
I think around Europe clubbing is very international these days and I think this is very cool. People from many different places meet in the clubs and the most important thing - they enjoy the music. I think this is what matters the most. Music brings people together…
Berlin and Hamburg are very special cities to me. Many parties with great music to choose from, cheap prices and long hours…
But saying that, London is probably the only place that comes close to Berlin music scene. Where I feel like Berlin has techno and London has bass music. There are a lot of influences of dub step, grime and garage music here. London club scene has a lot of musical diversity and I find it very inspiring.
I think there is definitely a special spirit about London which it has its own and unique electronic music scene.


n2m: Same question as above but about Polish club scene, people, and trends?

Kasia: To be honest I don’t really know so much about Polish club scene. I left the country 13 years ago and I have never played there. I really would like to. So far it didn’t worked out yet. I hope it will happen one day…
I know about some Polish artist and like Magda, Margaret Dygas , Marcin Czubala or Jacek Sienkiewicz, or Cat’s and Dog’s.

n2m: On your FB page says that you work for The White Canvas Podcast Series... Can you tell us something about that?

Kasia: The White Canvas Podcast is an idea, which comes from The White Canvas experience. It is very exiting!

The White Canvas - I think is best described as a contemporary life style. It is an escape from everyday life. The time spent with TWC you can definitely expect very special kinds of music, performances, art installations and interaction with people from many different places.
The White Canvas group moves around Europe. It keeps partying, gathering, and interacting with people. Keeps the spirit going… It had its home in Croatia during the summer time in Hvar, but also has its home in Hamburg. We had TWC in Amsterdam, and I hope it will arrive to London this year!
The White Canvas Podcast series is our idea of presenting music and sounds we love and we feel inspired by. Also introducing the music and sounds we create our own. We feel that this way we can stay in touch together and collaborate with the artist who had experienced TWC in the past and also the ones who are willing to do so in the future. We want to create our own musical expressions.


n2m: What are your ambitions for the future, music wise, business wise...?

Kasia: My ambitions for the future are to make more music for sure. For the last year I have been spending a lot of time in the studio. I have been making music as part of duo called KP Sessions (me and my partner Peter).
I really feel like I would like to be in the studio even more than I am now… I think this is really the goal – I want to learn more. I don't think I know enough yet as far as production goes. There is a lot to learn. So, I just really want to focus on spending more time in the studio and making more music.
And of course keep playing records!
photo credit: Magdalena Alcantara - Forum