3rd of November - London


Anonym (LIVE), Yapacc (LIVE), Temma-Tej, Unai Trotti, Kasia (KP Sessions), Hi Fi Gypsies Sound System

26th of July - London

NINEZERONICE avec: KP Sessions and Rico Casazza

6 of July - London

WaveBreakers at Life Bar with Ted Amber

2nd of March - London

We Love Saturday Morning with Nikos, Chris Vonzo and Kasia at Cable

FLMB Podcast  - Lisbon


7th of December - Zagreb

UNDERPRESSURE - Witness The Fitness with Kasia (KP Sessions, London)

17th of November - Hamburg

Der Lütt´n Deern mit Kasia and Zoran Zupani

10th of November - Portugal

M Productions with Kasia,Tiago Mood, Alex Effex, Matsuo at Estacao do Comboio

15th - 18th of September - Berlin

Manana Forever at Katerholzig

14th of September - Berlin

Another Friday at Club der Visionaere with Matthew Styles, Marc Schneider , Janina and Kasia

9th of June - Berlin

K's Bday Bash with Kasia (KP Sessions), Grizzly (Vodoo Rythm) and ZenLie (ete)

21st of April - Hamburg

 Lütt´n Deern at Baalsaal  with Kasia and Zoran Zupanic

22nd of April - Hamburg

Tanzcafe HalliGalli at Waangenbau with Meggy, Hey Karolin and Kasia


31st of March - 2nd of April - Amsterdam

 The White Canvas at Flight Case

11th of February - Hamburg

Lütt´n Deern with Zoran Zupanic, Kasia & Jonas Verily at Baalsaal

11th of Feb - Lütt´n Deern / Baalsaal (Hamburg

10th of February - Hamburg

Kasia at Purgatory

26th of August 2011 - Croatia / Stari Grad

Season Loading…Full Moon with Benno Blome (Sender/Berlin)/Kasia (KP Sessions)/ Jedi Jet (Mo’s Ferry Production/Zagreb)

14th of July 2011 - London

Flow with Neri Jass, Sjal & David, Kasia and Guille Bonesso

5th of May 2011 - Hamburg

Zoran Zupanic and Kasia at Golden Pudel

9th of April 2011 – Hamburg

Female Spring Awaikings with Natalie Novak(ObstGarten),  Kasia (London), Fannie Mae (Universum) Zoran Zupanic and Philippa(Schmuckstrasse) at Universum

12th of March 2011– London

I’d Rather Dance With You… with RSS Disco(Hamburg), Kasia and Esinn(NewFamily)

12th of February 2011 - London

Valentine Special with Marcin Czubala, Pol_On, Tomasz Wakulewski, Juniore, Kozber, Kasia and Karina at Light Box

23rd of October 2010 – London

Plexi Night with Bvoice, Tomasz Wakulewski, Kozber aka SIRIUS, Hertzen, Bueno Bros, Kasia and Pirx N Perio

15th of October 2010 – London

Uturns – Pop Porn with Rokk, Gideon, Kasia

10th of September 2010 - London

Brikbeat presents Kate Simko, Eline De Boer and Kasia

22nd of August 2010 – London

Way Out with INXEC(cocoon, leftroom), Dodha (1Trax), Kasia (way out), JP(way out) at Rivington Place

25th of July 2010 – London

Way Out with INXEC(Cocoon, Leftroom), Kasia (Way Out), JP(Way Out), Dj Essin( New Familly) at Rivington Place

4th of July 2010 – London

Way Out with Kasia( Way Out),  JP( Way Out), /Alex Gromadzki and David Harbour at Dolphin

th of November 2009 – London

Berlin Bar25 arrives in London with Philip Bader, Danny Faber, Sanderma &Dickie, Enzo Siragusa and Kasia